Our Rules

1. Don't cause drama!

Comments and posts doing so will be removed.

2. No blocking staff!

By having a staff member blocked, you restrict us from performing our jobs properly. We ask that if you have one of us blocked, you unblock us or leave the group. The same applies to staff.

3. Do not post NSFW artwork!

Please keep NSFW artwork to our NSFW chat! This also applies during meets!

4. Verbal abuse and physical abuse will not be tolerated!

If you are found being verbally abusive or physically abusive to any member, or bar patrons, you will immediately be asked to leave or forcefully removed from the venue.

5. Do not bring outside food or drink to the venue!

We encourage members to purchase food and drink from the bar and to please not bring any outside food or drink into the bar. Members who bring outside food and drink in will be asked to leave while they finish it.

6. Do not discuss illegal activities at meets or the 16+ chat!

While we cannot control what you may do outside of the meets, we ask that you keep anything like this to yourself during the meets or while posting in the 16+ chat.

7. Fetish gear is not permitted to be worn during meets or walks!

Collars are excluded from this list.

8. No heavy petting while in attendance of the meets!

Remember that our meets are not closed off from the public eye.

9. Please report all suspicious activity to a staff member as soon as possible no matter how small!

This ensures we can maintain the friendly and welcoming environment during our meets at all times. Your help is greatly appreciated!

10. Meet information is public, but feel free to ask if you’re unsure!

If you’re unsure on how to get to the meet, where parking spaces may be, or even where the meet itself is; we encourage you to PM us on the committee! We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Strike/Warning System!

Sanctions for rule breaks, depending on the severity, are handled with a strike system. The strikes vary from a verbal, which expires after two months of good demeanor, all the way up to a strike three, which would result in group removal. Members who have caused a fair amount of trouble, for example stirring drama in the chat, group or at the meets themselves repeatedly may be subject to a strike. You will always be spoken to before a strike is issued to ensure you are aware of what is going on, and why. While verbal strikes are removed after two months of good demeanor, strikes one up to three are not removable, and if strike three is reached then the member in question may be subject to a short to permanent ban from the group, depending on the rules broken or the actions of the individual.