Meet Info

General Meet Info

Here at Swansea Furs, our meets typically run on the third Saturday of every month. However, on a rare occasions this date may change. If the date is to change, we aim for that meet to run one week sooner or sometimes one week later, Changes in the date are due to prebooked events with our venue at the Hyst. More detailed information about the meets will be posted to our Facebook and clearly pinned to the top of our Telegram groups.
From 11:30am to 12:00pm, staff will wait for members to arrive at the entrance of Swansea train station. The meet will then officially begin at 12:00pm, and finish at 5:00pm for the bar to close.
At 12:00pm everyone who met at the train station will be guided to the venue a short walk down the road, before entering the venue and setting up any games we have on hand!

Food and drink (with vegan and gluten free options) are available at the bar! Please remember we do not permit outside food or drink inside the venue at any given time.

Fursuit Walks

As it currently stands, we do not have any fursuit walks planned. However, this all may change soon, as possible route options are being looked into by the committee. Check back soon for any updates on the fursuit walks.

How to get here

From the Train Station

From the train station getting to the Hyst is pretty simple. As you walk out the main station door, head straight down the road passing the Grand Hotel on your left. Carry on walking down the road until you see red flags with the venue name on it, and you should be there.

From the Bus Terminal

Getting to the venue from the bus station you'll want to walk to the exit beyond the Co-op leading out onto the street. Continue forward until you reach the shops dead ahead. Once you have reached the shops turn right and follow Oxford St. until you reach Castle Square (there you will find a big fountain and a McDonalds) and head up the ramp towards Pizza Express. Cross the road and turn left, if you follow this road passing Argos you should be on track to getting to the venue. Once you've passed Argos keep walking until you come across red flags with the name of the venue on it.


Whilst there are many parking locations in Swansea, the two nearest multi-story car parks are probably your best option. These are Orchard St. NCP, and High Street Multi-Story, just outside Swansea train station. Which ever you choose is entirely up to you.
If you decide to park at Orchard St. NCP, getting to the venue is pretty straight forward. Walking left as you exit the garage, you'll need to cross the road. Once you reach the big brick hospital looking building called Central Clinic walk down the small ally on your right. This should take you out on to High street. From there you'll want to cross the street once again and keep walking left until you reach the venue.
If you decide to park at High Street Multi-Story you can walk out of the car park onto the station concourse. From there you can follow the directions from the train station to our venue.

Orchard St. NCP

12 Orchard St.

High Street Multi-Story