Our Team


Here you can find the members of the Swansea Furs team, the people who bring the magic to life!

Avvy Icon

Avvy - Head Admin

Avvy is Swansea Furs' team leader. It's her job to ensure day to day operations run smoothly, and work is delegated fairly among her team. She watches over the chats, and maintains communication with our venue

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Hetch - Admin

Hetch is our local cryptid, and resident art goblin. They're responsible for the art side of things. They help out by monitoring our telegram chat and assist Avvy in handling our twitter!

Clay Icon

Clay - Admin

Clay is Swansea Furs' big papa. He assists the others in monitoring the chats, as well as behind the scenes discussions and decision making, offering us input and ideas on how to progress forward in certain situations

Keller Icon

Keller - Admin

Shrouded in mystery, the Keller emerges from the depths of the void when you least expect them. Keller helps with moderating the chats, some backend stuff, general image manipulation tasks and dabbles in art (With their best crayons!)

Web Developer

Pieberius Icon

Pieberius - Web Developer

Pieberius is Swansea Furs' web developer, tasked with creating and maintaining the Swansea Furs website. For any website suggestions or fixes please contact through Telegram. Any feed back would be welcomed!