About us

Who are Swansea Furs?

Swansea Furs is a Welsh fur meet based in Swansea city centre!
Established in 2016, the group began its long journey towards growth over the years, and has since become known to many in the area and other parts of the UK.
Run by a small committee of four people, we try to maintain a friendly, welcoming environment that can be enjoyed by all! We often play various types of games (table top and video games!) during the meets. We always encourage newcomers to come join in on the fun!
Fursuit walks are organized and held weather permitting. We will include more information on this as soon as we get a solidified walk route!
We also like to plan for special annual events, so keep your eyes peeled for any updates!

Meet the Mascot!

Merlin - The Welsh Corgi!

Merlin was designed and created by Swansea Furs own committee member, Hetch and then later named by our members through a poll held on Twitter!
Named after the great welsh wizard Merlin, he serves as the group's resident good boy, and will be used in any upcoming art pieces or event banners coming to Swansea Furs!
"There's a legend surrounding an oak tree of his in Carmarthen. Stories say that should the tree be felled, then Carmarthen would flood. It does that a lot these days, the oak tree is gone."