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Swansea Furs

A welcome to Swansea Furs

Hello, and welcome to the official Swansea Furs website!
Here you will be able to find all the information you need regarding our events, who we are, our team and anything else you could possibly need to know about our meets!
Our meets are open to anybody 16 and over. We also provide two Telegram chats for you to keep up with the latest information and meet everybody!
(See the contact us section for 16+ chat link - Contact a committee member for 18+ access.)
We try to maintain a welcoming and inviting environment during out meets, so if you find yourself attending one, please don't be afraid to get stuck in and interact with the others

Fursuiters Welcome!

What is a Furry?

For those of you who may not know what a furry is. We're a diverse subculture of people who show mutual enjoyment in anthropomorphic characters (animals with human characteristics) and are spread all across the world!
The furry fandom is home to a whole variety of people. From LARP'ers to artists, writers and of course, fursuiters!
Not everybody has the time, energy or even money for a fursuit, and that's ok! You don't require one to be included in the furry fandom! Many people simply just have artwork of their characters, or even just descriptions!
Conventions and furmeets such as ours are held all over the world, and are attended by hundreds to thousands of people collectively! Many fursuiters partake in charity events, public performance and the like!
Overall, the fandom is a diverse world of a variety of people. Many of whom consider the fandom to be their family. You're sure to find enjoyment in being involved with us!


23/03/20 - Covid-19: What happens now?

Following the announcement from our PM, we understand the stress this will put on many of our members. This is a difficult time, this much cannot be denied, but by banding together we will pull through the other side! Social interaction will be something many of us will no doubt be starved of, so to combat this in some form, we're going to be encouraging and actively hosting game nights over the coming weeks or months that this lockdown is in effect. If anybody has any suggestions for times, or games to play, please do let us know! If anybody else would like to host their own game night, you are more than welcome to. If needed, I will increase the channel capacity to accommodate multiple peoples sessions so that everybody can play what they like and keep contact with one another. Stay safe folks. Remember to look after yourselves, and reach out if you need to. We're all here for you. :) Reminder: For those of you who do want to continue staying up to date with information on the virus, talk about updates you may have read as the situation develops, or are just curious in learning more about it or how to help, we've set up a temporary group chat dedicated to that very purpose which can be joined by clicking here: https://t.me/joinchat/Ft1vhVfTTQ6Ru5LjVZMQ5Q

31/05/20 - #BlackLivesMatter

To be silent is to be complicit. It's not enough now to simply not be racist, we need to take a stand, we must be anti-racism. Swanseafurs is, and always will be, a safe and inclusive space. We will not tolerate racism or bigotry. We won't remain silent on these issues, and neither should you. We stand with you, we see you, we support you, because #Blacklivesmatter